For better accessibility of the trail the information on each stop has been prepared as MP3 files.
The texts were translated into English by Torsten H. Sommer MA, Thony Christie, Björn Karlson and Julie Weigand. The texts were read by Julie Weigand. You are welcome to download these audio files for free for listening on your MP3 player or mobile phone while walking the trail.

Click/tap to play, right-click to download:

Station 1: Georg Hartmanns Grave
Station 2: The Holzschuher Chapel
Station 3: The Garden of the Hesperides
Station 4: The Unschlitthaus
Station 5: The IHK-Haus
Station 6: The Schürstabhaus
Station 7: The Alte Küch´n
Station 8: The Fembohaus
Station 9: The Welserhaus
Station 10: Innere Laufer Gasse 11
Station 11: Number 20 Wunderburggasse
Station 12: The Church of Our Lady
Station 13: Heilig-Geist-Spital
Station 14: The Sudenpredigerhaus
Station 15: The Nürnberg Akademie
Station 16: The Lorenzkirche
Station 17: The Nassauer Haus
Station 18: The Mauthalle
Station 19: Germanisches Nationalmuseum


Wir danken für die Unterstützung: